A FABRIC Kid’s Journey


Before moving into FABRIC I was living in supported living and before then I had moved around a lot. I didn’t have any boundaries there as I was able to do whatever I wanted as it was ‘independent living’. I was generally feeling quite stressed and angry. I wanted to be settled and to get away from negativity but I was surrounded by it. I wanted to go to college but I wasn’t ready for it. I didn’t realise it at the time it now I can see that psychologically stuff was impacting on my actions.


When I first moved into FABRIC I wasn’t sure what to think. I’d been used to doing whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and had to get used to boundaries. I didn’t really have any thoughts about the future but I did have lots of attitude, which I still banter with FABRIC staff about now. The story about ‘the bagel incident’ is legendary and brings a smile to staff’s faces.

I soon learned that FABRIC staff care, they gave me both practical and emotional support. It’s not just a job to the staff, they know that they are working in your home.

No-one ever gave up on me no matter what, they still haven’t. FABRIC are more than staff, they are family. Harri taught me how to turn a negative into a positive and that there is always a solution to any problem, that’s helped me loads.


I don’t live at FABRIC anymore but I still keep in touch and they are always happy to help, they’ve just helped me with my application for university. At the moment I live with my friend and we have a lovely home which I am really proud of. I work full time and am paying off the debts I had from when I first moved out independently. I’ve finished my NVQ and am starting university in September, oh and I’ve landed my dream job as a support worker with teenagers. 🙂