We want to make a difference. We are here to help our kids learn that if life knocks you down you will rise to the challenge and be able to keep going.

We are here to help our FABRIC Kids build the future they deserve.



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Management Team

We are the management team, it’s our job to make sure both FABRIC runs smoothly. Hannah runs FABRIC Swansea and Sophie runs FABRIC Neath, making sure the homes are the best they can be for the FABRIC Kids, they both love working with the FABRIC Kids and enjoy a bit of banter.

Tash and Jay work in both houses so wherever the FABRIC Kids live, they will get to know them well. Jay is amazing at working with the FABRIC Kids (he’s a big kid really) so he helps make sure all the FABRIC family are doing the best they can for the FABRIC Kids and Tash makes sure careleavers have the opportunity for live in a FABRIC Home, she is also the Queen of Cwtches!

As for Harri she’s a whirlwind flitting here there and everywhere, doing her best to improve things for all care leavers….but no doubt you’ll meet her you can’t miss her!

  • Harri Director

    Hey, I’m Harri and I’m FABRIC’s girl boss!

    I am a social worker and wanted to be able to make a big difference to those who are leaving care. I decided I wanted to be able to do it my way which had to involve lots of fun, love and laughter and after 2 years of working hard we opened FABRIC.

    I LOVE people so I spend my time outside work with my family, friends and their children… I am Aunti Harri to a million kids.

    I also LOVE animals, so much I don’t eat them or anything that is made from them.. I’m Vegan! It’s not as scary as it sounds and I spend lots of time making delicious food and treats which I am happy to share.

    Fitness and health are really important to me. I practice YOGA daily, it’s excellent for the body and even more for the mind… running FABRIC isn’t as easy as it can look ;).

    I also enjoy running, swimming and exercise classes. In the Spring and Summer I can often be found on my skate board or on roller skates, although I quite often end up on the floor. On sunny days I am found at the beach on my paddleboard.

    I’m a Gemini and I love all things Spiritual. I do reiki, have loads of crystal jewellery, love glitter and believe strongly in the power of positivity.

    Can’t wait to meet you as most of all I LOVE my job!

  • Hannah FABRIC Locality Lead - Swansea

    Hi, my name is Hannah, I have been working at FABRIC since September 2018. I have been made to feel extremely welcome by all young people and staff.  I thoroughly enjoy my role within FABRIC and look forward to coming on shift.

    About Me

    I currently live in the Swansea area. I have a Golden Labrador called Duke. Outside of work I enjoy taking duke out for walks and he enjoys chasing after frisbees at the park!

    I am a huge Swansea City fan and enjoy watching matches either on television or at the stadium. I also enjoy watching other sports such as Rugby, Tennis and Horse Racing.  I enjoy spending time with my niece and also catching up with friends.

    • Star Sign: Taurus
    • Siblings: One younger brother
    • Favourite Colour: Orange
    • Music: I enjoy all types of music, but you can’t beat some cheesy pop music to have sing along too!
    • Favourite Films: White Chicks, Big Daddy, Taken, Elf, Matilda and Of Mice And Men
    • Favourite Books: Of Mice and Men and True story books.
    • Television: Soaps, Criminal Minds (any investigation programmes), sport channels, Love Island, I’m a celebrity get me out of here!!, X Factor, Britain got talent (all the reality stuff really).
  • Sophie FABRIC Locality Lead - Neath

    Coming soon

  • Jay FABRIC Kids Specialist

    Hello, I am Jay. I am one of the longest serving staff members at FABRIC and placed the first person here in my role for another job. During the referral I met our Director, Harri and loved the place instantly. I enjoy working at FABRIC and supporting the people who live here.

    About me

    I am originally from Warrington in the North West of England and have lived in Swansea for 10 years. At home there is my girlfriend, step daughter, my son who is a recent addition to our team along with my cat, Ernest and dog, Daisy. In my spare time I like to do things with the family, love a spa day and try to cycle as often as I can. I completed a single triathlon and intend to live off that for life…or maybe do another in 2019?

    Rugby League is my passion, and my team are the Widnes Vikings. I try to get to games as often as I can…even though we are a bit rubbish!

    • Age; 37 my birthday is Bonfire night and I share this birthday with my son
    • Siblings; one older sister, one younger brother
    • Favourite colour; black and white
    • Favourite music; sucker for 80’s electric and 90’s rock
    • Favourite film; Lord of the Rings trilogy, Garden State, American Beauty
    • Favourite books; Early Stephen King such as IT and Green Mile. Jeffery Deaver
    • TV; Game of Thrones, Scrubs, designated survivor, 24

FABRIC Kids Advisors

Hey, we are the FABRIC Kid’s Advisors and we work in either Neath or Swansea. Donna and Mike work with Hannah in Swansea and Nieve and Jamie work with Sophie in Neath. We work both evenings and weekends. It’s our job help Hannah and Sophie make sure all the FABRIC Kids are getting the best support they can.

  • Mike FABRIC Kids Advisor - Swansea

    Hi, my name is Mike. I have been working with FABRIC since 2019 and am really enjoying being a part of the team.


    I live in Swansea and have done all my life. I enjoy the great outdoors and love nothing more than spending time on Gower with my family and dog, Jess.

    I enjoy travelling and keeping fit by doing a few trail runs a week.

    I love any type of sport.

    • Star sign: Libra
    • Favourite authors: John Grisham, James Patterson, Lee Child and Robert Galbraith
    • Favourite film: Shawshank Redemption
  • Donna FABRIC Kids Advisor - Swansea

    Hi, my name’s Donna but some call me DonDon, I was a FABRIC Kids Life Coach for 18 months and now I’m a FABRIC Kids Advisor.

    I love getting to know Young people who come from all different types of backgrounds.

    My birthday is in July.

    Disneyland is my favourite place. No matter what age you are its fun for everyone.

    My favourite singer is Bruno Mars.

    In my free time I also like to go dancing with my friends.

    My favourite film is Dream girls, but I do love a good comedy.

    My favourite colour is Red

    If I could compare myself to anyone it would be The Little Mermaid. This is because we are both fun, outgoing and determined.

  • Nieve FABRIC Kids Advisor - Neath

    My name is Nieve and I am 21 years old! Although I only joined FABRIC in March 2019, I have been made to feel so welcome by everyone I have met, and I really enjoy my shifts! 😊

    I have two dogs and a cat, that I am completely in love with! Their names are Marley, Honey and Dexter. In my spare time, I love taking my dogs for walks, and spending time with my friends. I also have a three year old niece who I spend a lot of my time with too! I go to the gym three times a week too!

    Things to know about me!   

    • My favourite colour is… Purple
    • My favourite food is spaghetti Bolognese
    • My favourite animal is a Cat
    • I have an interest in makeup
    • I enjoy going to the gym
    • My favourite film is Bridget Jones’ baby
    • My favourite music artist is Post Malone
    • My favourite TV series is Pretty Little Liars

FABRIC Kids Life Coaches

Us life coaches probably have the best job as we often get the most time to spend with our FABRIC Kids as we work evenings and weekends. We are always looking to get to know the FABRIC Kids, do fun things like support them to be amazing cooks, develop independent living skills and enjoy life- we love a good game or movie night. Best job ever!

  • Katie FABRIC Kids Life Coach

    Hello, my name is Katie. I have been working at Fabric since March 2019.

    Since I have started at Fabric, I have really enjoyed working with the team and also getting to know the young people. I look forward to doing a shift.

    I also have another job at a comprehensive school as a teaching assistant, I do on occasion do my own lessons within small groups.

    About me

    I am 28years old and I live in the Swansea area with my two amazing sons.

    I spend my time out side of work with my children taking them to their activities which are, kickboxing and acting.

    We also like to have regular days out, going on adventures and seeing new places.

    When I was younger, I use to like to dance a lot. My parents would take me all over the U.K entering competitions, which I loved to do.

    I have three older brothers, one younger sister, and a lot of nieces and nephews that I enjoy looking after.

    • Star sign: Taurus
    • Favourite colour: purple
    • I enjoy listening to music, not fussed on what music as I like all different types.
    • I don’t watch TV unless my children want to watch a film.
  • Louis FABRIC Kids Life Coach

    Hi, my name is Louis. I have been working for Fabric since February 2019. I really enjoy working in here. I always look forward to coming in!

    About me:

    I am from Swansea but have spent the last few years moving around England and backpacking around south east Asia. A few of the places I have been to are Thailand, Bali and Philippines. My favourite place I have ever been is an island called Gili air in Indonesia, PARADISE!!! I love rap music and enjoy making playlists for friends to follow. I also have a passion for collecting shoes.

    I started working for Swansea youth service when I was 16 and quickly realised that I had a passion for working with young people. Since then I have worked in lots of different jobs in that area. The one I was at for the longest was working at 4 different outdoor activity centres in England teaching children and young people how to climb, canoe, abseil and many more activities.


    • Travelling
    • Hip hop & rap music
    • Collecting shoes
    • Movies
    • Socialising with friends & making new friends
  • Simon FABRIC Kids Life Coach

    Hello, my name is Simon, I have been working at FABRIC since July 2019. I have been made to feel extremely welcome by all young people and staff. I thoroughly enjoy my role within FABRIC and look forward to coming on shift.

    About Me
    I currently live in the Neath – Port Talbot area. I live with my Partner and our 4yo daughter and have been enjoying the work life balance that working at FABRIC has allowed me, I enjoy spending quality time with my daughter and also having some time to myself to listen to audiobooks or podcasts, practice guitar or play some Xbox.

    I enjoy skateboarding although recently more as a spectator due to injuries, I enjoy going for walks and random drives out especially when there aren’t many other people about, I do enjoy socialising and thrive on positive human interaction but also enjoy the peace of having a road to myself or an empty beach. I love helping people and feel pride in knowing that I am making a positive difference in people’s lives. I like to try and see the good in people and their potential.

    • Siblings: Three younger sisters
    • Favourite Colour: Blue
    • Music: I have quite an eclectic taste in music, I am very partial to a bit of 90’s grunge though
    • Favourite Films: What we do in the shadows, Thor: Ragnorok, The Big Lebowski, 40yo Virgin
    • Favourite Books: The Hobbit, Legend
    • Television: Mainly watch Netlfix and YouTube, I enjoy educational shows, documentaries, tutorials, skateboarding content, anime, comic book and movie news, video game news and reviews and tech reviews
    • If you would like to know more about me please ask I promise I don’t bite……………..anymore!

  • Kerry FABRIC Kids Life Coach

    Hi, my name is Kerry. I have been working as a life coach at FABRIC since July 2019. Since starting at Fabric, I have been made to feel welcome by everyone and am really enjoying my time here.

    About me

    I live in the Swansea area with my family and my black Labrador called Oreo. Outside of work I enjoy taking Oreo out for long walks, I love going to music concerts and spending time with family and friends. I love anything Disney related and have visited Disneyland and Disneyworld on a few occasions (it’s the happiest place on earth)

    • Star Sign: Libra
    • Siblings: Three brothers and Three sisters
    • Favourite Colour: Black
    • Music: I enjoy all types of music; my favourite artist is Bryan Adams
    • Favourite Films: pretty woman, dirty dancing, the notebook (anything girlie)
    • Favourite tv programmes: The apprentice, MasterChef, The great British bake off, I’m a celebrity get me out of here and I do enjoy a good series on Netflix.
  • Geraint FABRIC Kids Life Coach

    About Me
    I have recently joined FABRIC and am thoroughly enjoying my new job. I will be working at both Swansea and Neath homes and have been made to feel part of the team by everyone I have met so far, I look forward to meeting more people as I progress through my career with FABRIC.

    Prior to working for FABRIC, I spent 22 years within the Royal Air Force (RAF) and served in a variety of locations both in the UK and abroad. Even though I spent many years away from home during my time in the RAF, it was always my intention to return to the Neath/Swansea area as this is where I grew up and where all my family and friends still live.

    I currently live in Neath with my partner and three children. I enjoy watching a many different sports, but especially Rugby, Football, Cricket, Tennis and Boxing. I don’t play these sports anymore, however, I do still enjoy keeping fit and visit the gym as often as work and family commitments allow. I also enjoy cooking, going out for walks and spending time with the family.

    • Star Sign: Capricorn
    • Siblings: One younger sister
    • Music: All sorts of music, including Rock, Motown and Dance
    • Food: Spanish, but I do love a good curry or a Sunday Roast
    • Favourite Films: Shawshank Redemption, Saving Private Ryan and The Great Escape
    • Favourite Books: No specific book, but I do like a good autobiography or a thriller, especially anything by James Patterson and Michael Connelly
    • Television: Game of Thrones, Only Fools and Horses and cookery programmes, particularly Masterchef


All staff undertake mandatory training before commencing employment, including Safeguarding Children, Substance Misuse and Mental Health. Staff are provided with training as a part of continual professional development and are supported to undertake training on specific areas of interest and needs led training based on the FABRIC Kids currently being supported.