Changing the way young people leave care

An Innovate to Save loan of £400,000 has been awarded to FABRIC, an organisation based in Swansea that supports young care leavers to move towards independent living.

In this blog, CEO of FABRIC, Harri Coleman, talks about her experiences working with young people in care and how the organisation was built to support them.

As FABRIC, we opened our first accommodation in 2016 and since that time we have been aware of a severe lack of suitable ‘move-on’ accommodation for young people leaving care.

Children who have been through the care system in Wales are three times more likely to be cautioned or convicted of an offence and four times more likely to have a mental health disorder.

These disadvantages continue into adulthood since:

  • 20% of homeless people are care leavers
  • 25% of adult prisoners have been in care
  • 70% of sex workers have been in care.

This is just a small selection of the poor outcomes which care leavers experience.

The primary objective of FABRIC is to “Facilitate Aspirations, Build Resilience and Inspire Change” in the FABRIC Kids who have been in care, and to provide equal opportunities in comparison to their peers. The outcomes which the current system produces are significantly lower than their peers in the general population and indicate that “corporate parenting” is not achieving the goal of expecting no less of children in care than of our own children.

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